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Exclusive: In conversation with Late Replies Manager Andy Stanton

Andy Stanton

Just Fame recently got a chance to talk with Andy Stanton. Known for the stunning setlist and exquisite music the DJs Late Replies are exclusively managed by Andy Stanton for past 5 years. While visiting Studio 338 which is known for throwing House music events, Andy discovered that his passion is music.

Speaking about that night Andy says, “On my night out with all my friends at the event we danced the night away for 12 hours! Right away I knew this was what I wanted to do in life, it made so much sense!

When asked about his longstanding partnership with Late Replies, Andy adds, “It definitely seems like the right decision as we are achieving so much greatness together, and there’s nothing better than doing that with your brothers.

Recently they have created their own label and are releasing music under Black Label Records. And their latest single Hold Up has already garnered around 6 million plays on Spotify. With stunning beats and mesmerizing arrangement, the single is certainly impressive. And with surreal tonality, it seems the track can only be played on a loop mode!

Before we ended our conversation we asked Andy about his future plans and any thought he would like to share with our readers and the world. With a spark in his eyes, he said, “I am taking every day as it comes. We do have big goals and dreams. All of that is fixed on my vision board and goal list… However, I keep that for myself and I use each day to work hard and turn the vision into reality. Life is about balance, so try to find yours.”

Late Replies are all set to release new music in the coming weeks. So keep an eye on their official social media!

About Andy Stanton: Passionate Artist Manager representing Late Replies, the hottest duo in the world right now in the deep tech music world. Andy has been in the music industry for 6 years with huge event experience across London, Ibiza and Europe and has been on the full journey of managing the London duo since the start of their career. He’s helped drive the guys from local London DJs to now touring around the world in Europe and South America.

Follow Andy on his official social media: Instagram

Follow Late Replies on their official social media for updates about future releases:

Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud

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