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Exclusive: Artist JBlanked’s single “Lost Ones” feat. Jackie Spade, Jerrod Azaad, & Ana Celeste

JBlanked is an American Hip Hop producer-songwriter born in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Just Fame is today featuring the new single by artist JBlanked. After his sensational hit song Run No Game, which garnered around 1 million streams on Spotify the artist is back with a stunning track. Lost Ones his new single features a pool of riveting artists such as Jerrod Azaad, Ana Celeste and Jackie Spade. What really captivated us in Lost Ones is the sheer exquisiteness of its arrangement. With lush pads, alluring vocals and phenomenal melodic tones, the track cajoled us into its mysterious nature. The ingrained element of a sublime vibe that it evokes is certainly remarkable. However, fans of Run No Game would be surprised by the melody and overall structure of Lost Ones. JBlanked seems to have embarked on a more “relaxed” or rather “laid-back” attitude in his delivery and the vocal texture is slightly refashioned for a more ethereal feeling. Overall, the single is impressive and definitely shows a new element from the bag of tricks of creativity that JBlanked seems to carry around!

Lost Ones is part of his new album “CLARITY” and is currently streaming here:

About the artist: JBlanked is an American Hip Hop producer-songwriter born in Lynchburg, Virginia and raised in Greensboro/High Point, North Carolina. Artists/producers such as Mac Miller, J. Cole, and J Dilla are pure inspiration to him. His unique timbre creates a compelling atmosphere in all of his music. Besides making instrumentals, he is also an audio engineer, artist, and graduate from Full Sail University.

For more details visit:

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