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Exclusive: Alpha Cat’s new EP “Venus Smile… Retrograde”

Alpha Cat Venus Smile Retrograde

Alpha Cat, an alternative rock band fronted by singer-songwriter Elizabeth McCullough, has recently released an EP called “Venus Smile… Retrograde” through the record label Aquamarine. The EP is a powerful and introspective journey for the band, and for McCullough as a songwriter, as it centers on the theme of heartbreak and the process of healing and self-discovery. The EP also reflects McCullough’s observation of the world’s divisions and the overwhelming exhaustion that comes from them, and her hope for resolution and redemption.

The EP is a reflection of the human experience and the journey of self-discovery that comes with it. The songs explore the different stages of heartbreak, from the initial pain and confusion to the eventual healing and self-discovery. The lyrics are raw, honest, and relatable, and the music is emotive and powerful. The songs on the EP give voice to the struggles that we all go through, and provide a sense of connection and understanding.

One of the standout elements of this EP is the musicianship of the band. The band is made up of a group of highly skilled and experienced musicians who bring their own unique talents to the table. The band’s sound is built on the foundation of McCullough’s acoustic guitar and emotive vocals, accompanied by the impressive musicianship of the rest of the band. The result is a polished and dynamic sound that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

The EP also reflects on the current state of the world and the overwhelming exhaustion that comes with it. McCullough’s songwriting is a reflection of her observations on the world’s divisions and her hope for resolution and reconnection. The songs speak to the feeling of being lost and disconnected, and the longing for healing and connection. It’s a message of hope and redemption that is particularly relevant in today’s world.

In conclusion, Alpha Cat’s “Venus Smile… Retrograde” is an EP that takes the listener on an emotional journey through the stages of heartbreak and healing. The lyrics are raw, honest and relatable, the music is emotive and powerful, the musicianship is impressive, and the theme of hope and redemption is both relatable and timeless. The band’s ability to connect with the listener on a deeper level is evident in the EP, which is a powerful reflection of the human experience and the journey of self-discovery.

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