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ER The Label to release artist Demione Louis’ Debut Single “Stand Up”

The single is set to release on 20th of May and will be available on all major streaming services.

Demione Louis

Just Fame is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about ER The Label. Known for launching an amazing pool of artists, ER The Label is all set to release the debut single of artist Demione Louis. It is titled Stand Up and we got a special sneak peek (or shall we say sneak listen?) to this riveting track. The intro is filled with a peppy vibe and enthralling beats. Demione Louis has a distinct element ingrained in his delivery. His flow is unique and quite raw and evokes a brilliant sensation while we listen to the single. The captivating component of the track is its arrangement and varied melodic tones that are utilized in an incredible manner.

Just Fame has not heard a song like this in a long time and therefore highly recommends this exceptional single. The scintillating authentic sound is what makes ER The Label nonpareil when it comes to providing a platform for the talented artist and new music releases! The song is all set to release on 20th of May and will be available on all major music streaming services.

Pre-save the single now:

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