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Drench yourself into stunning 80S Vibe with Kid AZ’S New single “Real with me”

Kid AZ

Just Fame is today featuring Kid AZ’s new single. It is titled Real With Me and is a breathtaking track which certainly evokes nostalgia. The intro is captivating with retro beats and stunning synth sounds transporting us to a different era. Add to that the sublime vocals by Kid AZ that are smooth and are quite nonpareil. Further the transitions are exquisite and showcases phenomenal genre-blending of synthpop and synthwave with a modern touch!

Overall, we were impressed by Kid AZ’s work and with varied tonality Real With Me is highly recommended by Just Fame. This wonderful single is now streaming on Spotify.

About the artist: Kid AZ aka Arjen Zijlstra is a 20 year old Dutch Hiphop & RnB Producer and Singer. His new single “Real With Me” was released on 25th of July. And the track was produced, written, recorded and mixed by Kid AZ himself.

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