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Classic Art vs Digital Art

A non-fungible token is a new sort of proof-of-ownership in the digital world.

Eng. Mubarak ALWatri

I am not an artist myself, but I enjoy collecting art pieces. Through the development of art especially the recent development by moving from classic forms of art to digital art, I found out that many artists are against it. Most would argue that the digital aspect is killing the soul within each portrait. Classic art provides a challenge especially when it comes to correcting mistakes, in which many would argue that the true artist would shine during the process of fixing that mistake. On the other hand, digital art provided many young and amateur artists with the required tool to understand art even more. For example, the concept of layers and how you can have different layers for a single drawing. These layers would expand the limits the classic art would originally have. Think about it for a second, an artist is drawing a character on a scene he created before. However, after drawing it, he found out that this character would not rhyme with the story that he is originating. In the classic drawing, this would be a mess. But in the digital world, this can be fixed by deleting the layer that contains the character and continuing drawing.

            The mentality of anything classic is not easy to be modified or changed. Look around and see how most people found it very hard to move from a comfort zone to a new-to-explore horizon. Wired phones to mobiles, papers to computers, VHS to CDs, and the list would go on and on. A new development in space is something called NFT. A non-fungible token is a new sort of proof-of-ownership in the digital world. If we take “The Last Supper” as an example, how would you know who is the real owner of the painting, if it was sold? To identify the originality of the painting, you must go through a very long process to get it verified. With the NFT & blockchain technology, this process can be done easily. Each piece of art would have a unique address showing the owner of this piece. It also shows all transactions made for this piece. Using this technology, it will be so much easier to move to the digital world.

            The space is developing so fast that it provides new approaches to connecting people even more and everyone needs to adapt to the new world technologies. We all have a rebellion deep down our souls, but we must re-evaluate the situation each time we see a new development in the world. Each development provides a new opportunity that we must evaluate if it suits us or not.

Article by: Eng. Mubarak ALWatri.

Eng. Mubarak ALWatri
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