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Check out “The Mind Fortitude Show” – A Mental Health Podcast by Gerard B.

An insightful and distinct podcast.

The Mind Fortitude Show

Just Fame is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about an amazing podcast. The Mind Fortitude Show is quite an enriching podcast that focuses on topics related to Mental Health especially its importance in the African American community. Hosted by Gerard B., the podcast showcases the importance of mental health in the current era and opens up a dialogue about how emotional well-being is a necessary element to function well in the world. In Episode 1 Gerard B. discusses the nuances surrounding “Stress” with guest Jermaine Hicks, a graphic designer from Atlanta.

Gerard B. and his guest Jermaine also discuss about activities that could lead to a decrease in the stress levels of an individual. With a distinct niche and insightful discussions, The Mind Fortitude Show is certainly an ideal podcast to listen to multi-faceted experiences of African American community and how emotional well-being can be garnered in daily life.

Insightful, full of resources and distinct, Just Fame highly recommends Gerard B.’s podcast The Mind Fortitude Show for mental health enthusiasts.

Check out Episode 1 of the podcast here:

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