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Check out Sctheartist’s sublime track “Heartbroke”

The single is currently streaming on Spotify!


Just Fame is today sharing the new track by artist Sctheartist. It is titled Heartbroke and is a phenomenal song. What captivated us was the husky texture of the soulful voice of Sctheartist. With power-packed rhythms and exquisite melody Heartbroke takes us on a sublime emotional journey. The bass and melodic tones are unconventional and arranged quite creatively. The warming space that the single creates is truly magnificent. The instrumentation is upbeat yet extremely intriguing with each beat coaxing us into the tremendous storytelling that the artist is sharing with us. The tune is addictive if you listen to it more than once (try it!).

Overall, Heartbroke is a soulful and enthralling single that showcases the sheer talent of artist Sctheartist. With such an appealing song, music lovers would be definitely awaiting a full-fledged album from the artist.

The song is currently streaming on Spotify and do check out the official video of the song here:

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