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Check out BITNW’s new single ‘Bad Good’


Breathing in the zeitgeist, the rising star on the music horizon BITNW a.k.a. Black Is The New White has dropped his single titled Bad Good featuring GhostStitch, The single pierces through the veneer of the ordinary. This emotive masterpiece weaves together the threads of BITNW’s own struggles with ADHD, substance abuse, and faith, presenting a refreshing symphony of raw, unfiltered emotion. His dream? Shifting the world’s axis through his music is a lofty but seemingly achievable goal.

The single shines brightly, showcasing a perfect interplay of simplistic, yet intoxicating rhythms, a testament to the BITNW’s keen sense of musical creation. The choice of pared-down instruments weaves an engaging soundscape that sets the stage for his powerful vocal delivery. Every note is tinged with raw emotion and an arresting combination of grit and tenderness that lingers long after the song has ended. 

Each release, a new hopeful soundwave, each note, a hope to touch hearts. Soak in, enjoy, and let the music ripple within!

Bad Good is now streaming on Spotify!

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