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Check out artist Ariee’s new single “Sugar Daddy”

The official video of the song is now available on YouTube!


Just Fame is today featuring artist Ariee’s new single. It is titled Sugar Daddy and is an upbeat track with distinct composition. The vocals by Ariee are peppy and quite evocative. The tonality in the single creates a unique vibe with enthralling beats that are amazing. The lyrics aptly conveys what the title of the track is all about – albeit Sugar Daddy!

This wonderful single is now streaming on Spotify.

The official video of the song is now available on YouTube!

About the artist: Blessed with an exceptional voice and a unique artistic spirit, Ariee
has captivated many from an early age. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ariee began singing in her church at the age of 8. As her passion for music grew, she knew it was essential to master her craft. Ariee developed her voice and expanded her vocal range by backing other accomplished musicians.

Follow the artist on her official social media for updates about future releases:

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