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Chael’s new single “Friends With A Cheater”


Just Fame is today sharing an exclusive piece of news about artist Chael. Known for his riveting songs, the artist has recently released a new single titled Friends With A Cheater. With exquisite arrangement and subdued tonality the single is an alluring number. What really captured our attention are Chael’s evocative vocals that showcases his subtle nuances of voice experimentation. The intonation is dynamic and cajoles us to listen to this song on a loop-mode. Especially the lyricism is quite stunning that blends well with his surreal vocals. The lines “Hey, give me a reason why you expect me to come through“, truly conveys the gist of the song.

Chael has a knack of delivering surreal music that quickly gains traction amongst music lovers. And therefore, Just Fame highly recommends his music.

About the artist: Chael is an independent singer/songwriter from Manila. Back in late 2018, Chael released his first single ‘2AM Love’ which was gained swift traction of over 1 million streams in just a few months. In times where songs can have multiple songwriters, Chael proves that songs with great lyrics can be written with just one. With his latest release ‘Friends With A Cheater’ Chael challenges stereotypes in relationships where cheating takes place and starts an important conversation on silence in such situations.

Follow the artist on his official social media for updates about future releases:

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