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Artist speakeazie’s new EP ‘Forsaken Melodies’


Embark on a sonic voyage with speakeazie, as she unravels her latest mesmerizing EP, “Forsaken Melodies.” Comprising five tracks of sheer auditory allure, the EP initiates its melodic journey with “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy,” weaving a tapestry of splendid melody and emotively resonant vocals. Let the enigmatic sparkle of the lyricism sweep you into a world where every note tells a story. “Don’t Come crying to Me” softly entices listeners into a realm of subtle introductions, before spiraling into a phenomenal musical cascade, every note of her voice a mesmerizing whisper urging for more. “Never Hurt You Like You Hurt Me” stands as a vibrant testament to her unfettered creativity, with masterfully orchestrated rhythms and a melody that boldly declares its presence, adding an indefinable vibe to the song.

In its entirety, speakeazie’s EP doesn’t merely entertain—it envelops you, inviting you into a whirlpool of themes as varied and deep as love, loss, devotion, and strength. It’s a breathtaking sonic spectacle, a whirlpool of emotional and auditory depth, now caressing the airwaves on Spotify. Just Fame bestows upon it a hearty recommendation.

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