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AK-Official – rapper, songwriter and producer supports newcomer

Newcomer Music Management AK-Official

Artjom Grecksch, aka AK-Official, is a rapper from Eltmann in Lower Franconia.

AK-Official, who grew up and went to school in Perm until he was eleven, moved to Germany with his mother in October 1998, leaving behind his relatives and his former life. In the tranquil small town of Eltmann with about 6000 inhabitants he went to school, which he later graduated with the middle school leaving certificate.

Until then, he didn´t know where his musical career would take him.

At first, during his school years, he discovered music and the graffiti scene. He began to make hip-hop and experiment with a few former friends.

The result – after 10 years, his debut album “Endlich”, what means „Finally“ in english, appeared in physical form. Experiences from his youth and influences of some artists have shaped him and the debut album. A simple hobby developed into a passion that continues to this day.

Ak-Official Labyrinth (Radio Edit)

Together with “OneFamRecords” he achieved 2015 a considerable success to his song “High Life” with over 100.000 streams monthly.

In the meantime, the streaming figures have reached over three million hits.

In August, 2021 his current single “Viel Zu Viel (Remix)” was released. The original comes from the well-known rapper “Dreyko“.

In November 2021, a long-awaited collaboration took place with another rapper “Bliza”, for the project “Hieroglyphen”.

2022 a new era has begun – The Hessian management agency “AgenturNMM – Newcomer-Music-Management” takes the artist under contract and wants to go new projects in national and international ways.

AK-Official on the web:

Website: AK-Official (@ak-official) (

Instagram: AK-Official (@akofficial.genuine) – Instagram Photos and Videos

For more details visit:

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