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Actor, Producer & Founder of 41 Sets – Douglas Jeffery Gives Exclusive Details On his latest film projects!

Douglas Jeffery

If you haven’t heard of Doug Jeffery yet, get ready, because this well-respected actor and producer, is working with the biggest names in Hollywood. Even as a teenager, Doug was a self-made businessman who had hot dog carts while he was still in school. 

In his twenties, he toured the world as the official host for Chippendale’s. Then, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. In addition to being an actor, he was a celebrity judge on “Beauty and the Geek” and a celebrity host for “Where Did It Come From?” on the History Channel. 

Doug worked as a construction coordinator on several Comedy Central shows, including “The Man Show” and “Crank Yankers”. Both shows were shot at Hollywood Center Studios, which became the location for Doug’s company, 41 Sets. 

With faith in Doug’s abilities as a businessman, Hollywood Center Studios was quick to offer him his own space on the lot. Doug incorporated his age into the name of his company because he was 41 at the time. 

Read further as Douglas Jeffery confirms his latest projects in the industry!

“I recently finished producing my first film, “Clown and Out”.  It is a light-hearted, romantic comedy with grit.  It stars Alejandro Edda from “Narcos” and “Purge Forever” and has a primarily Hispanic cast. My business partner, Rafael Loza, is originally from Mexico and wanted to create a bridge from Mexico to Hollywood for the filmmaking community.  

I was also one of the executive producers on “The House”, an LBGTQ talk show on FOX SOUL. We have been fortunate to have gone two seasons and are looking towards our third. 

Last year, we were honored to win a HAPA Award for Best New Alternative Talk Show.  Last season, Howie Mandel appeared on “The House” and one of the executive producers is Doug Deluca, longtime producer of “The Kimmel Show”.  

I just finished a film, “The Wraith” which will be released in October of this year. I had the honor of working with director Mike Pizzimenti and producer Al Bravo “AlBravoFilms”.  We filmed on location in Nelson, Nevada at a creepy ghost town in the dead of winter. All I can say is get ready for the scare of your life!

And I’m leaving in a few weeks to shoot an action film on location with a solid cast of known actors, so I consider myself very blessed to be in their company. “ – Douglas Jeffery 2023

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