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Actor & Filmmaker Horatio Tihanyi Shares Behind the scenes on storm cell feature film & more latest screenplay krazy Dead!


Horatio Tihanyi is an actor, writer, director, and producer best known for acting in films and TV- series such as Burn Notice, The Truth Is Stranger Than Florida, Selling Yachts, and Storm Cell. His latest feature film, “Storm Cell,” stars NFL Legend Lawrence Taylor. Horatio has also written a comedy screenplay called  ‘Krazy Dead,’ which has received over 102+awards so far. Read further as we have some exclusive confirmations about his latest film and screenplay in the works.

Making of Storm Cell: Horatio Shares an Exclusive Behind the Scenes:

“LT told me I ran my set very professionally, and as tough as the work was, he enjoyed shooting the movie. We shot 87 pages in 6 days because that’s all the time we had to use the jail. I funded Storm Cell out of my own pocket and I could only shoot as long as the money lasted. Of course, being in a real jail added to the lure of shooting on location.  Every day we had to show up to a real jail in Palm Beach.  LT said that was interesting for sure.  Plus, between takes, the actors playing guards would be outside with actors dressed as inmates (Me and LT) smoking.  You should have seen the looks of passersby.”

Latest News on Horatio Tihanyi Screenplay “Krazy Dead”  & Lawrence Taylor:

“LT read the screenplay, thought it was very funny and his people’s read it too and loved it. Originally, LT was going to play the lead, but he and I talked, and he couldn’t commit to a role that required his presence on set for extended periods of time.  So I wrote in a reoccurring character for him. LT told me he loves comedy and making people laugh and he thinks Krazy Dead could be another cult classic like Shitt’s Creek.”


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